• 0:06
  • Right Here3:18
  • Blood Good3:33
  • Washed By Blood9:33
  • Bring Me to Life3:39
  • Send the Pain Below4:14
  • For Your Glory3:59
  • Best I Can3:40
  • Circleslide3:31
  • I Found Forever3:57
  • Light up the sky4:06
  • Too much of me3:49
  • We Are2:54
  • Need3:33
  • Strong Tower4:02
  • All Around Me3:21
  • Ignite3:05
  • Beautiful 3:31
  • Disaster3:22
  • Emily & My Heart 4:12
  • Guilty3:00
  • Bitter Taste2:12
  • Dare You To Move 4:01
  • Dark Horses3:27
  • Love Alone is Worth The Fight4:34
  • This Is Your Life4:31
  • Your Love Is A Song4:23
  • Make Me A Believer.2:45
  • Move3:29
  • Rawk Fist2:40
  • Shook3:29
  • The Flame In All Of Us3:21
  • Writing On The Walls4:02
  • A Boy Brushed Red 4:28
  • Take the Bullets Away3:30
  • Renegade3:43
  • Hostage3:51
  • Disaster4:18
  • I'm So Sick 2:56
  • Will You Save Me3:17
  • Glow In The Dark 2:52
  • Savior4:31
  • Forever At Last 3:24
  • Unbreakable3:25
  • Not Gonna Die4:02
  • RADICAL 4:00
  • Bring the Dead to Life3:49
  • Bring It On 2:40
  • Release The Panic3:05
  • Promises 2:55
  • The One 3:19
  • Nails 4:05
  • Yours Again 4:51
  • Worthy 4:34
  • Hero3:17
  • Monster 3:06
  • Rise4:25
  • Believe4:05
  • Like a Machine 3:43
  • Say It Again 3:49
  • Taking Back3:44
  • Alarm the Alarm 3:50
  • War Zone2:34
  • A Whisper and a Clamor3:24
  • Stranger Ways4:51
  • Uncomfortable3:46
  • I Found You4:11
  • End of Me2:50
  • Come Alive3:29
  • White Washed3:46
  • Awaken 4:25
  • Press On2:54
  • Come Alive3:29
  • White Flag4:44
  • Impossible3:39
  • Nothing More4:04
  • Best I Can3:40
  • Battle Lines2:53
  • Moonlit3:33
  • BZRK3:43
  • Say Amen3:52
  • Bad Blood3:24
  • Sing3:26
  • Hostage3:51
  • Remind Me I'm Alive3:33
  • Even So Come4:10
  • Bring It On3:18
  • The Feeling2:24
  • Let The Sparks Fly 4:10
  • Gravity6:30
  • Get Back3:04
  • Goodbye For Now3:56
  • My Hippocratic Oath3:51
  • Not Without A Fight3:07
  • already over4:24
  • Breathe Into Me3:36
  • Lie To Me4:22
  • Take Me Over3:51
  • Pieces6:04
  • What I Believe3:20
  • The Last Night3:31
  • Would It Matter4:12
  • Whispers in the Dark3:22
  • Sick Of It Official Video3:12
  • Comatose3:50
  • The Show2:28
  • Stop Me Now3:06
  • Lead Me To The Cross4:43
  • Listen3:06
  • We're All Liars3:02
  • Worthy4:34
  • I'm Not Alright4:05
  • Lead Me3:59
  • Pray3:59
  • Promises3:27
  • Forgiven3:36
  • Who I am hates who Ive been3:54
  • The Ground4:22
  • Falling Further 3:46
  • Falling Apart3:42
  • September3:26
  • Shine like the stars4:06
  • Heartbeat3:10
  • When We Come Alive3:38
  • Not A Slave4:26
  • Light up the sky4:06
  • Thr Storm3:10
  • Start A Fire3:08
  • I Will Fail You4:44
  • Gasoline3:56
  • Hell Don't Need Me4:06
  • One Last Song4:20

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....You will Never meet a more imperfect person than Me. I have failed so many times but I remembered.
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit
Psalms 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit. A broken and contrite(repentant, sorrowful, asking forgiveness) spirit God He will not Turn Away.
(NIV) 2 Corinthians 2:8-17 Paul wrote
 I urge you, therefore, to reaffirm your love for him. 9 Paul says it this way: Another reason I wrote/tell you was to see if you would stand the test and be obedient in everything. ****We encourage you...this is a walk..a learning experience...No ONE has arrived to perfection.we mess up somehow daily*We are all equal..He loves our talents, our gifts....you are THE ONLY YOU EVER Created!Now that's a Awesome Creator ! He is but a breath away.you do not have to work your way to Him..speak His name..,Jesus...he is forever there waiting to hear your voice...His only child named.child of The Most High God! Mikes Radio offers The Latest Christian music, Top Christian Music,Best Christian Music, online Christian Music, Praise and worship Christian Music, Anointed Christian music, New Christian Music, Free christian music, Modern christian music, Todays Christian music, Up Lifting Christian music, Spirit filled Holy spirit Music, with a large variety of Christian music artists playing the top Christian Music Also the new album of Michael Byrd The 12 Thrones with Deborah Davis.

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